YWAM Chiriqui is involved in a variety of ministries. We do have a heavy focus on working with indigenous peoples, however we also have King's Kids, Hogar JUCUM, Homes of Hope, and more.

Model: As a family of Jesus followers, we will model God’s Kingdom in our leadership, relationships, ministries, training programs, business operations, corporate spirituality, art and proclamation through media.

Multiply: We will multiply Kingdom oriented development, & discipleship in every sphere of society.

Transform: Through our example, our acts of compassion, and our multi-faceted proclamation of the Gospel, we will endeavor to be God's agents of transformation to individuals and communities, people groups and the nations.


​YWAM Chiriqui is an excellent choice for ministry training. We offer multiple schools, and even an excellent combo package for the for our three schools. Along with training we provide opportunities for you to have hands-on experience in ministry as you learn.


YWAM Chiriqui:

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Our mission:

"We are called to model and multiply the Kingdom of God in order to transform lives, peoples and nations!”

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If you are looking to serve God on the mission field, whether long or short term, there are a wide variety of opportunities here in YWAM Chiriqui. If you aren't sure what you are called to do, you can plug in with one of the other ministries we currently have running...


Mission trips


In serving others, your team can become who they are intended to be. Jesus teaches us that when we lose ourselves for His sake, that’s when we really find out who we are...